Over 50 Shades

From Sunshine Golds
to Smoky Blacks

Color Matching

To go with our
various textures.

100% Human Hair

For Braiding
and Weaving


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Semi Straight

Lugo Hair Center

We are the original Mecca of Hair since 1976. Lugo Hair Center is among the leading companies in the hair industry, specializing in 100% human hair for extensions. Join our thousands of customers all around the world who settle for nothing but the best. With our technicians, we make it a priority to provide a unique, top quality of hair, in which, we match and customize, with different blends of colors and textures for each and every customer, whether male or female

Our hair can be used in many styles and techniques. The hair can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed, rolled and set, and much more; it also can be reused! We, make it our goal to help you achieve your desired look.

We ship worldwide by UPS, to your credit card billing address, and we also do C.O.D.

We are the original Mecca of Hair since 1976. Please do not let yourself go by any other imitators even if they have the same Lugo’s name. They are deceiving you if they tell you that they are a new location or that it is the same store.


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